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Textbook course with point-of-view videos Haruiro Letter" (English, downloadable version)


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▼▽ "Aqua Pastel Petit Lesson" (English version)▼▽
Only credit cards are accepted.
Electronic materials and videos are available from the downloaded course guide.

*The petit lessons are translated from Japanese to English using a translation application.
Please forgive us if there are any points that are difficult to understand.


Aqua Pastel Petit Lesson

Recipe video and text on how to draw
The concept is to enjoy pastel art with ease.
This is a one-time complete lesson that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to experienced pastel artists.


▼▽"Haruiro Letter," ▼▽

The theme of "Haruiro Letter" is "hope".

"Hope" is the theme of this work.
Though now is a time when the heart is easily discouraged,
Good fortune is coming your way!

This is a work of art that I drew to encourage everyone who is doing their best in this time of the Corona disaster.


▼▽▽ Set of teaching materials to be delivered ▼▽

The video will be provided with a URL for viewing.
Recipe video on how to draw 5 min.
Version divided into parts

Text, paper pattern
PDF file is available for printing.

After payment is confirmed, you will receive the course information in a Zip file.
After unzipping the file, please read the "Readme" first, and then read each file.

 ├ 00_Enrollment Guide(Haruiro-Letter)
 ├ 01_Terms and Conditions
 └ Readme


▼▽ Use of Educational Materials ▼▽▽

*Please refrain from copying, reprinting, diverting, reselling, or publishing on the Internet any of our course materials.
*If you are found to be in violation of any of the terms of this agreement or to be engaged in any illegal activity, you will not be allowed to take the course in the future.
*I may take legal action, whether civil or criminal, including compensation for damages, in accordance with related laws and regulations.
*Purchase of the course materials constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of the materials.


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『Aqua Pastel Petit Lesson』

The concept of "Aqua Pastel Petit Lesson" is to "enjoy pastel art easily and firmly" with a textbook and a recipe video of how to draw.

This is a one-time lesson that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced artists.

"It's only for a short time.
I want to enjoy drawing pastel art!"

I'm sure there are people who have such a desire.

I myself am one of those people.

With the Corona disaster,
online art lesson has become more and more popular.
There are more and more opportunities to take lessons on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

If you try to take lessons in real time...
most of the lessons are 2 to 3 hours long, during the daytime on weekdays.

For some people,it's really hard to get a good amount of time...!

I myself have been
working, raising children, and fighting illness, and difficulty of taking time for myself.

That's why.
Even if it is a short accumulation of time.
To be enjoyed at your own pace.

For easy viewing in your spare time.
The key points are summarized
You can learn how to draw with the recipe video and text.

We are sure that you have your own preference for the atmosphere of the course and how to take it.
Please try a petit lesson.

About the How to Draw Video

Recipe videos on how to draw are
The video is distributed using the video distribution site Vimeo.

The recipe videos are
There are no audio instructions.
In larger font at each point
Subtitle explanations are included.

You can watch it in less than 5 minutes.
You can use it for preliminary study.

English subtitles are also available by pressing the subtitle button.

About the text and pattern designs

The text you will receive with your
"I want to look at the text carefully when I draw."
In response to this request,
I will provide you with 16 pages of contents with detailed photos and explanations.

The pattern will be delivered as a PDF file with a clover and a cherry blossom motif at the time of birth added.

You can print any page of the pattern.
You can make a cherry blossom version or a clover version.
Please enjoy your favorite arrangement ♡

Holding of Workshops

I want to expand the joy of drawing artwork together.
I also want to share with them the key points of painting artworks.

With this in mind, I have decided to
Workshops are offered on a "registration only" basis.

I will give a workshop plan and recipe to those who have received them.

Although it is difficult for me to hold a workshop myself at this time
I hope everyone will enjoy the time we spend painting together.

・After submitting your work, you can hold a workshop in person or online.
・Patterns and recipes (PDF files) will be sent together with the course materials.

For details, please see the enclosed "Petit Lesson Rules and Requests".

Introduction video (Petit Lesson "Haruiro Letter")

This video is distributed from Vimeo, the same place as the "How to Draw Recipe Video" that you are watching.
There are no advertisements displayed, and you can view the videos smoothly.

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